Swedens most booked pipe band

The Bagpipe Orchestra (Säckpipsorkestern)

was formed in 1998 and we have performed
everywhere from anniversaries, corporate events, weddings and funerals to appearing on TV, at the
cinema in Lasse Åbergs “Den ofrivillige golfaren” and on your local pub.

We specialize in smaller ensembles with one to three pipes and drums but also appear as Pipe Band.
You book the number of musicians you desire from a lone piper to a full band of 15 musicians
including Drum Major and drummers.

We are located in Stockholm, but perform all over the country and also cooperate with bagpipe
musicians from several other locations. We send the musicians who live closest.

We are always nicely dressed in kilt and Scottish costume and of course Scotland the Brave and
Amazing Grace is on the repertoire.

When you contact us, you will receive a response to the day.

You can call and email anytime.



Where and how you choose to marry, we have a long and good experience of making your day the best ever.

And if you organize weddings and want us to be a surprise to the bride or groom (or both!) this works just as well.

Bagpipes work just as well in as outdoors. We have played at in or out-marsches in churches, and wedding halls, come marching at bridal bowls, performed on archipelago bridges, in gardens, at banquet halls, pubs and castles. And once in a skylift!

You can book from a lone solopiper up to an entire band of 15 musicians, then with both bagpipes and drums.

The most played songs at weddings are Scotland the Brave, Amazing Grace and Highland Cathedral but we are happy to listen to your suggestions, we have played both The Beatles, Coldplay, John Legend and Felix Mendehlsson’s Bridal March as the theme from Game of Thrones.

And you don’t need to be a scotsman to want bagpipes at your wedding!


Bagpipes are beautiful and stylish at the funeral. We usually play in front of the coffin or urn, in the church, chapel or ceremony hall..

If you arrange an earth burial, we can also play while carrying the coffin to the car or from the church to the grave and end the ceremony, possibly at the memorial, with “the Lone Piper” playing “Lights out”

You can hire a solopiper up to an entire band of 15 musicians with both pipes and drums.

The most desired songs at the funeral are Amazing Grace, Auld Lang Syne and the theme from Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9; Going Home. It is also possible to use a little faster music like Scotland the Brave.

If you have your own whishes about music we are happy to listen to them, we have played songs by the Beatles and Nordman as well as the theme from Braveheart and Liverpool FC’s You’ll Never Walk Alone.


Either it,s your birthday or you want to surprise someone, we will gladly come and attend the birthday with pipes and drums.

We have surprised from 20 up to 95 year olds at all possible times of the day, (earliest so far is probably at 5.45 a weekday morning).

We can also come in as a secret guest during a dinner, a celebration in a restaurant or pub or show
up at work when someone is to be congratulated.

If you are having a party we can play at the door of your venue when your guests arrive, during dinner at the table, in a pub or restaurant, out in the open, at home or wherever you choose.

You can hire from a lone solo piper up to a full band of 15 pipes and drums including Drum Major.

The repertoire we play is the traditional Scottish, but we are happy to listen to other suggestions. We have in addition to Scotland the Brave, and Happy Birthday (with sing-along) played the theme from Highlander, songs by The Beatles, Liverpool FC’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and many more.

Corporate Events

Bagpipes and drums are great and atmospheric at your event, at fairs, exhibitions and initiations and work just as well when your company is launching a new service or product as on jubilees, acknowledgment and retirement farewells and at company parties.

We can come up with a lone solo piper, a duo or a group of up to 15 pipes and drums including Drum Major – the choice is yours.

We have played for many large companies both foreign and Swedish and among our clients can be mentioned Postnord, Stim, Eniro, Alecta, the English School, the Savings Banks National Association, Bank of Scotland, Aberdeen Steel, SF-bio, English Embassy, Bonnier Media, Swedish Football Association, The Equestrian Association of Sweden and several golf clubs, among others, at the inauguration of Öster by Stenson at Österåkers Golfklubb.

We are happy to talk to you about how we can best frame and expose your event!

Other missions

It is not easy to give a picture of all the missions where bagpipes and drums, from a lone solo piper up to an entire band of 15 pipes and drums and a Drum Major adds something extra so besides the above describe, we list some of all other assignments we had.

– Baptisms and naming ceremonies.
– Student receptions, parades and student parties.
– City festivals, markets and street parties including the Water Festival and Gothenburg. Culture
– Skansen and Gröna Lund.
– Cinema premieres such as Disney’s Brave and the blockbuster films Braveheart and Rob Roy.
– Participation in Lasse Åberg’s film “Den ofrivillige golfaren”.
– Studio work with artist John Lundvik.
– Veteran car fairs, Motor and Car Meets.
– Football and other sporting events including at Råsunda Stadion, Stockholm Stadion and Gavlerinken.
– The annual ”Hammarbymarchen” to Tele 2 arena.
-Races such as Österlen Spring Trail and Midnattsloppet in Stockholm.
-The traditional Scottish and Irish feasts Burn’s Supper and St. Patrick’s Day.
-Whisky tastings sometimes with our own whisky expert.
-Family gatherings, often for families with Scottish ancestry, such as Belfrage, Dickson and Cambell.

– And, last but not least, golf tournaments and golfcourse initiations across the country. We have played at several golf courses in Mälardalen, from Stockholm to Örebro, but also in Gothenburg, Skanör and Båstad, among others.

Bagpipes and drums fit everywhere in all contexts and we are always interested in new assignments!

Feedback from customers

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